September 2011

Alois Nebel premiere in Czech cinemas


August 2011

We removed our studio to Vltavská 1

July 2011

Alois Nebel rotoscopy feature finished! Thanks to all animators, compositors, background artists, supervisors and Jaromír 99!


September 2010

Design of characters and animation for TVC Světluška created by Radek Doskočil.

May 2010

Half of rotoscoping/animation of Alois Nebel animated feature is done!

April 2010

Short live action + 3D combined noir parody Antonio Cacto Reviejo de la Tebaida Mortifera directed by Jan Bubeníček in Tobogang editing room. It will be available in all its non-stereoscopic, black and white, however fully sounded version for your viewing pleasures (at least we hope) in cinemas near you in winter 2010/2011 (if not, you'll definitely be able to see it by the global catastrophy in 2012). Production: AT s.r.o., Ondřej Všetíček

April 2010

Tobogang supports Loutky v nemocnici (Puppets in hospital) with 2D animation characters from logo. Puppets can often do more for sick children than pills – elude a smile, chase away the homesick blues and help to forget the pain and suffering for a moment. With theater plays, games and songs puppeteers try to help the process of healing, open a space for play and communication about lived reality… More on

March 2010

Tobogang is a partner of 3D animation Masterclasses organized by Anomalia. Training program will introduce three Masterclasses during which participants will get combination of lectures with practical student assignments in following masterclasses:

3D character animation

3D Studio production

MEL for Technical Developers

Training program is held in rented facility of The European Training Center in the town of Litomysl (about 140km from Prague). We will welcome the following names:

Rich Quade / Pixar

Andy Schmidt / Pixar

BZ Petroff / LucasFilm, formerly Pixar

Dripha Benseghir / Mac Guff Ligne and Sparx

Sunnit Parekh Gaihede / HydraLab

David Toušek / 3BOHEMIANS

More on

December 2009

Alois Nebel video on X-mas Umakart party in Bio Oko Prague. The first animation from the film on air!

November 2009

New version of jingle Hollywood classic entertainment distribution company created by Noro Držiak, Jan Kurka, Jan Bubeníček.

September 2009

Start of rotoscoping and animation on Alois Nebel animated feature.

August 2009

Author of graphic novel Alois Nebel Jaromír Švejdík into brainstorming of black and white style of the film on Tobogang backyard.

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